Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The RMFW 2020 Anthology, Wild: Uncivilized Tales, is now available. I’m happier than a puppet husky in a snowstorm to have my story in print. The Re-creation of Sahmik Ghee is a science fiction retelling of the classic poem, The Cremation of Sam McGee. Two hunters set out on the frozen frontier of a distant … Read more

Writing Under Lockdown

I hope this update finds my half-dozen loyal readers healthy and free of COVID-19. In my previous update dated February 27, I thought COVID-19 was something distant and intangible. But for the past three months our lives have turned into a dystopian apocalypse. The Pandemic as Science Fiction For more than a century, stories like … Read more

Publication News!

After writing creatively for two years, I’m happy to have my first blog with the title Publication News. My short story, The Re-creation of Sahmik Ghee, will appear in the 2020 RMFW Wild Anthology. If you just can’t wait a year for the fall 2020 publication date, read through to the end of this blog … Read more

A Summer of Space, Brains, and Writing

At the keyboard

I’ve been writing! In The Re-creation of Sahmik Ghee, a future arctic hunter on a distant planet meets an untimely death. His partner must find a way to bring him back and hold him to his contract. This short story is based on the classic poem The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service. … Read more

DNA, Facial Recognition, and Notre Dame

I’ve been a writer for 18 months. Where’s my novel? You faithful blog followers deserve an explanation! While my novels are still a future dream, that doesn’t mean I’m idle. Read on to hear about my short stories, poetry, and topics I monitor for future story ideas. Rogan’s Drone and Sam McGee I’ve been creating … Read more

Short Story: The Timesmith

New writers (and even experienced ones) sometimes stare at a blank page or empty text window waiting for inspiration to strike. Many techniques exist to help overcome writers’ block. Today, I’m using something called a writing prompt. According to ThoughtCo.com, a “writing prompt is a brief passage of text (or sometimes an image) that provides … Read more