Joy to the Worlds: Now Available!

Fresh off the North Pole workshop assembly line: Thirteen Christmas-themed sci fi flash fiction stories, just in time to stuff the stockings of the sci fi fan in your life.

The reindeer scientists at Blitzen Genetics Laboratory have discovered why noses turn red, and they present their research in my very short story, Mutations of the RUDL gene in rangifer tarandus: Analysis and methods, by Blitzen et al.

Every flash fiction story in Joy to the Worlds is limited to 1000 words. Inspired by this challenging format, the contributors crafted concise and creative tales that will leave you entertained and ready for eggnog. Joy to the Worlds includes stories by Roswell Award and RMFW Gold Rush Award finalist Matthew Cushing, RMFW Gold Rush Award winner Cheryl Fallen, and Colorado Author’s League Award winner L.V. Ditchkus. I’m proud to be a part of this incredibly talented and inspiring group.

Buy Joy to the Worlds today, available in all standard book formats.

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