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Keeping the Words Flowing

With skepticism in my head, desperation in my soul, and coffee in my cup, I stumbled into The Mindful Writer: Techniques for Tapping Into Your Inner Creativity. Read about my experience in my blog about flow state for Speculative Fiction Writers.

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First Encounters

Second Law

Joy to the Worlds

Interviewed on Access Radio

Between acting, podcasting, and photography, I have know idea how Amy Amantea has time to put together her weekly Access Radio show, which broadcasts on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio. Each week, Access Radio features an hour-long interview with disabled persons working…

Reading and More Reading

I’ve been consuming short story podcasts by the dozens, and that has cut into my novel-reading time. I’m nowhere near the three or four a month I’ve managed in the past. Here’s sixteen, still not too shabby for nine months.