About Paul

About Paul

Paul is an award-winning science fiction author, technology blogger, and former punk rock drummer. His flash fiction piece, More Than Electric Sheep, placed first in Uncharted Magazine’s AI Flash Challenge. His story, Dr. Harriet Hartfeld’s Home for Aging AIs, placed second in the 2022 Roswell Awards. Other stories by Paul appear in the anthologies Joy to the Worlds, First Encounters, Second Law, and Wild: Uncivilized Tales, and in the online magazine Magnets and Ladders. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and SpecFicWriters.com.

At age six, he saw 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen, which lead him to a collection of Clarke’s short stories—and a lifelong insatiable appetite for mind-bending science fiction. Paul’s edgy, techno-smart stories were influenced by his career as a virtual reality software developer and the time he spent drumming for punk and alternative bar bands. He puts his protagonists in bad situations, then makes sure they end up worse off.

He earned a General Studies degree from the University of Michigan and pursues many hobbies and interests. He has authored books on programming, holds a data encryption patent, and was co-recipient of an R&D 100 award. Like all true nerds, he runs his own web server. He recently learned to read braille and can solve a tactile Rubik’s Cube. He has a life-long interest in music. He has ripped his entire vinyl collection to MP3, recorded his own original digital compositions, and played drums since childhood. Currently, he’s learning piano. He has traveled the world to view multiple total solar eclipses. Other interests include linguistics, philosophy, genetics, cosmology, and the visual arts.

Legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa, Paul is an advocate for blind accessibility. He blogs at AppleVis.com, a website for vision impaired Apple users. His poem, The Thompson River Flows, placed first in the 2018 National Braille Press poetry contest.

You’ll find Paul in Colorado, sipping coffee while the snow sublimates. He is still trying to teach his cat to play drums