Dystopian Pop Art

A few miles north of Alliance Nebraska, an occasional silo sprouts from the quilt of corn and soybean fields. It seems plausible that we might drive for hours and see nothing else. Maybe Carhenge doesn’t really exist. It’s urban legend, a consensual hallucination with no basis in reality. Then, there it is, writhing within the … Read more

Geordi’s Visor

The days run away like wild horses over the hills, according to Charles Bukowski, and that’s my only excuse for not blogging more about technology. But the news that a company is curing blindness with sci-fi tech straight out of Star Trek compelled me to blog. In a 2011 TED talk, Dr. Sheila Nirenberg described … Read more

Blog Zero—DIY WordPress on Your Linux Box

After extensive thought and consideration of my inaugural blog, I’ve decided to describe how I set up this website. I know. Bore me to death! Okay, here we go. I went with WordPress. I did not, however, use wordpress.com. With paulmartz.com already hosted on my Debian 7 Linux system, installing WordPress locally made more sense … Read more