Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The RMFW 2020 Anthology, Wild: Uncivilized Tales, is now available.

I’m happier than a puppet husky in a snowstorm to have my story in print. The Re-creation of Sahmik Ghee is a science fiction retelling of the classic poem, The Cremation of Sam McGee. Two hunters set out on the frozen frontier of a distant planet. One of them returns to civilization … Or maybe both of them do.

Here are three good reasons to click the Buy button.

  • Editors Rachel Craft and Tasha Watts helped craft my uneven prose into a story worth reading. If you like dark humor, you’ll love The Re-creation of Sahmik Ghee.
  • Wild contains thirteen other excellent stories by authors who deserve more exposure. For some, Wild is their first appearance in print. Others are seasoned writers. Either way, you’ll enjoy discovering your next favorite author.
  • Hey! I’m published!

So buy the book, curl up in your reading chair, drink a shot of Iapetian whiskey to steady your nerves, and enjoy our wild tales!

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