Paul is a science fiction author, technology blogger, and former punk rock drummer. His influences include William Gibson, Kelly Link, Neal Stephenson, Charles Stross, Kurt Vonnegut, and Connie Willis.

He has published two short stories. Jimmy’s Hat appears in the First Encounters anthology, and The Re-Creation of Sahmik Ghee appears in the RMFW 2020 Anthology Wild: Uncivilized Tales. Before focusing on fiction and blogging, he worked in the field of computer graphics and virtual reality, writing computer programs and really boring technical books.

Legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa, Paul is an advocate for blind accessibility. He blogs at, a website for vision impaired Apple users. His poem, The Thompson River Flows, won the 2018 National Braille Press poetry contest.

Originally from Flint, MI, Paul resides in Colorado, where he tries to avoid reliving his punk rock days. He is still trying to teach his cat to play drums.